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Nate’s heart skipped a beat when Coleen walked in, a smile plastering itself across his face as company finally arrived.

“Hey Coleen!” Nate replied, waving back at her. “I don’t think it’s just us, but we’re the first, I guess?”

Nate wasn't that familiar with Coleen, beyond what he knew about her through the theatre club, but he liked her. They didn’t share any classes together, what with her being a senior, and this was the only club they were both members of. Still, she was always friendly and polite and easy to talk to, so that was enough for Nate.

As he smiled up at her from the table he was sat on, her eyes crept down to the script that was still in his hand. He’d forgotten he had it with him for a moment.

“Oh, this? Nah, I couldn’t write something like that.” he chuckled, “I printed it off the internet. It’s supposed to be like some improv scene, where you’ve got the main character in a gloomy house on a stormy night and then everyone comes up with things happening. Looked fun.”

Looked like less lines for memorising too, beyond the introduction. All the better to save him from worrying about screwing up other peoples' prompts when he forgot what to say.

He sprung off the table, walked right up to Coleen and held out the script. “See for yourself.”
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