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((Coleen Reagan, pregame start))

"Oh, there's nobody else here yet?" asked Coleen Reagan upon opening the door to the math room where Drama Club was supposed to be meeting, only to be greeted with a mostly empty room. The one person who was there, a cute underclassmen who Coleen would probably crush to death in a hug if she weren't the opposite of a touchy-feely person, was looking right at her as if expecting people at any moment. Well, of course he was, they were all supposed to be meeting soon.

"Hi Nate," Coleen offered a small wave as she walked in, setting her backpack down against the back wall. "How's it going? Just us, huh?" It wasn't that hard to believe, actually. Because Coleen preferred to get to meetings earlier, she was frequently one of the first three people to arrive to things like this. Walking into a room full of people tended to make everybody look at you arriving -definitely one of the most awkward feelings in the world. Being first or second let you take on the new arrivals one or two at a time.

As far as imposing presences, Nate was about as unimposing as it got. He always reminded Coleen of a child, maybe thirteen years of age, fourteen at most. He looked like he should be going to school with her little brother Ronald, not with her. That could have been, then, what made Coleen feel so comfortable around Nate, because it was really like being around a young kid. Young kids were something Coleen handed rather well... much better than she dealt with kids her own age, that was for sure.

"I don't know why we're having it here," she said, keeping up the small talk. "Um, if the gym's taken, you think... you know, we'd be in the east wing, where all the art rooms are." Coleen stood with her arms behind her back, smiling down at the seated Nate. Her eyes rested on the paper he had with him. Looked like a script to something.

"What's that? Are you writing a one-act?"
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