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She was smiling, joking about One Direction. And then Alessio reacted by chuckling a little. So she was selective about the album he had with him. Luckily, Hendrix was nothing like One Direction.

Okay, he could lie. Maybe he doesn't have Hendrix, but some awesome metal band in his hand, like...Metallica. No, he shouldn't lie. Especially in case she finds out, which is super probable. Don't risk anything. Tell the truth.

"Nah, I was just picking up the newest Justin Bieber album."

Was that even a thing? Wasn't that dude in jail or so?

But joking back seemed like a good idea. Wait, what if she takes it serious. She'll tell Vanessa. And things will be fucked up. Seriously fucked up.

A quick smile, then Al quickly showed the cover of the Hendrix album towards the direction of Cameron.

"Uh, this. Hendrix. Bold as Love."

Problem solved, hopefully. Unless she liked Justin Bieber, which would be bad. Maybe mentioning him was also a dumb idea. Oh god, that was a bad move.

"And you?"
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