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There were a few interesting looking things but nothing that made her think she had to have it. Then she saw Torche's new album Restarter. She knew it was coming out at the beginning of the year but hadn't been expecting to see it in the store. She had to have it. There was no question. Cameron picked it up and started to look through the song list, she had heard a couple of them on YouTube and they were good. If the rest of the album was like them then it was a winner. Not that she doubted Torche, they were an amazing band and always released good stuff.

Cameron looked up when she heard someone greet her. She automatically assumed it was her because she was the only other living creature in the store that wasn't the cashier. The person greeting her was Al...Al...shit. She'd forgotten, it was a super awkward situation because he had actually been to their shows before. The first two letters of his name were A and L though. So Cameron was comfortable enough with just calling him Al and using that to coast through the conversation.

She waved back at him. "Hey Al. What you picking up?" She pointed at the CD he had in his hand as she spoke. "Hopefully it isn't One Direction, otherwise I'm going to have to ask you to stop talking to me." She grinned to make it obvious she was joking, although she did hope it wasn't One Direction or something like Cannibal Corpse. You had to set standards somewhere.
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