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Basically only active on site in the Artist's Alley now
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*Claws their way out of a void known as horrible amounts of school work because of IB*

Oh God I have not been on here in forever. I guess the best way to get back into the swing of things is by updating the thread that I made myself. Luckily, I have been finding time to draw in the two months I've been gone! Unfortunately it's all traditional, so you'll have to put up with my terrible scan quality (I draw too lightly >.<).

Can you tell what my favorite thing to draw is

So that's that! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus in posting. I was expecting to have gaps between stuff, but not ones that are that long. Thanks to everyone who complimented my stuff and I never replied to! I really do appreciate it, I just got busy and don't like posting in here without art. ;n;

Ah yes, the signature, the place where I make my individual mark upon every post I let see the light of day. Surely it should be something magnificent, something that truly captures my essence as the extraordinary person that I am?


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