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Sandra didn't want to laugh at Bryony's little quip. Not because she didn't find it funny or because she didn't want to find it funny. The comment was so unexpected that it crossed over into being worth at least a chuckle.

No, the reason Sandra tried to keep her laughter unreleased came down to the simple fact that she currently had large spoonful of ice cream in her mouth, and she didn't want it running down her chin and onto her scarf.

To that end, she covered her mouth as best she could, made more complicated by the fact that the spoon was still in her mouth. Still, she managed to avoid letting any ice cream fall out of her mouth, at the expense of having some of it go down her windpipe instead.

She hacked and coughed, ejecting the spoon onto the table. She hit her chest a few times.

"B-Bad timing! That was... well it was good timing, but it was also bad timing!" Sandra cried, breathing heavily, as a few stray tears formed in the corners of her eyes.
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