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((Alessio Rigano, continued from Silence is Golden))

Alessio barely buyed stuff from here, but he knew that it was a good shop. Al was not often here. He preferred to listen songs on the computer - on YouTube, particularly. Sometimes on his cellphone or his MP3-player as well. He didn't want to be in the shoes of the owner of the shop. It almost feels like CDs were dying out.

But this shop had so much good stuff here. From the Beatles to the Gaslight Anthem. Alessio stood in front of a shelf, with an album in his hand.

He thought he found a cool album for his collection. Or rather his father's. They shared it, to be honest. A physical collection of them, instead of some digital collection. Al had no iPhone, didn't need one, but he knew that Apple liked to delete songs. These bastards. And who knows. Maybe his songs get deleted someday as well. Maybe YouTube videos get deleted or blocked. Or worse, like an internet crash.

Owning CDs was definitely cooler. And safer. And more legal. Also, it's good for the artists! Kinda. Or for the company. Whatever.

And the album didn't seem that expensive either. Else he wouldn't have considered to buy it.

Hendrix Experience. Axis: Bold as Love.

27 Club, Woodstock, drugs, Psychedelic rock. And also the national anthem. That was Jimi Hendrix to Alessio. That was what he associated with him. And good songs, lots of good songs.

But Alessio had not heard every song of him yet. Definitely not enough. And not much besides his most known songs, to tell the truth. Out of the album he held in his hand, he just knew Bold as Love. He couldn't recall when he first heard it, probably YouTube, but he recalled it really sounding awesome. So buying this album would be a good way to find more similiar stuff to that. Albums in general were a good way to do that.

But, maybe there was cheaper stuff. Or maybe there's something he'd rather like to buy than that. He had to compare. This album was definitely on his "probably buy" list in his head. He looked around through the shelves. With the album in his hand, he wandered through the shop and-


Instant recognition. The guitarist of Peyote Coyote. Or rather the one that wasn't.


They were best friends. And both played guitar well, although one had to say that Vanessa was definitely better, with her voice.


The girl was also looking for music, apparently. What should he do now? Ignore her? No way.

"Oh! Hi!"

He waved his hand, with a small smile. Didn't expect her here.

Al considered to quickly put the CD back into a shelf with the other hand. Maybe he wasn't going to buy it. But that'd be awkward.

So there he was, with the album in his hand. What will she think? Is he ignorant for not having heard all of Hendrix' albums? What if she hates Hendrix?

She was into stoner rock, though, that's what he could tell. Definitely. Like, why'd she be in the band, if she did not like it?

Peyote Coyote, the first stoner rock band he heard. They were amazing. Then, he got more interested in that genre and found bands like Soundgarden or Queens of the Stoneage.

But wait, this is the metal section.
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