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keep running yoshi
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I ARISE (also the Parks no longer exist in Kingman so you don't really need to make note of them with Alesso Alvaro :0)

-Jeremy and Jenhifer might be the sort to stand out to one another if they ever end up sharing a class or two. Like they might be the duo who can keep a class discussion going far past it's typical half-life. I figure they'll totally respect each other though their actual opinions may wildly differ (and Jeremy would probably be the smarter of the two so he'd usually win a drawn out argument).

-Eliza and Alvaro could have had a one off thing where she schooled him in a chess match because I arbitrarily want to make her really good at it totally out of left field as one of those 'wtf' character traits that don't seem to fit the personality but work very well in the context of history. Maybe she tried to use the win to get a free meal from the cafe as her winnings, he was like 'wtf no' and then she got pissy about it and they're on bad terms now.
- Jen probably shows up at the cafe routinely with friends, it might be one of the places she spends her part time earnings. She's good conversation and easy to get along with, since she doesn't get debaty unless she knows the other party's comfortable with it.

- Ben's gonna be one of those guys Irene develops a gut-feel hatred for because of the homophobia and slurs (hypocritically enough she'll drop the exact same slurs herself), and she'll either ignore him on the field or get irate with him for no reason, necessitating Cris' intervention more than once I'm sure.

That's all I've got from my end, at any rate.


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