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((Cameron Herrig: Start))

Cameron's head snapped right to see a car sitting right in front of her. She offered up a sheepish grin and apologetic wave to the unamused driver and then quickly jogged the rest of way across the road. Nearly getting run over was really not the way to start things off. It was a good sign for the rest of the shopping trip. If Cameron was going to be honest, she didn't need to go shopping at all. But it beat being in the house. Her parents were in amazing form as roughly two bites into breakfast some argument had broken out over who had or hadn't done the washing the night before. Ever since they'd decided on divorcing the arguments had become more and more routine. Sadly even though it was becoming routine that didn't lessen the impact of hearing her parents yell their hate at one another. She unconsciously scratched her right wrist, feeling the scars of her time self-harming. A reminder of the last time.

Bad memories all around and her parents seemed intent on remixing it all in time for her final terms. They were always so considerate. So instead of staying stuck in her room Cameron had decided to escape by going shopping. Shopping for absolutely nothing, but it was better than being at home. She did have a mental list of places she wanted to go though. It was all of two shops long but that was hardly the point. If anything it was the most planning she'd done all week. First stop, as always, was the record store. The fact there was even a record store still going in Kingman was a minor miracle. But in terms of getting music that wasn't going to be in the big retail chains it was good, that may have been why it was still in business actually.

Pushing the door open Cameron stepped into the musical wonderland. It was a typical record store in every aspect, rows upon rows of CD's, sorted into genres, vinyls in the corner for people who liked to pretend they were old school and even some tapes, for people who were actually old school. Cameron smiled at the cashier and then made her way over into the metal section. She had the same routine every time. Metal, rock, alt, then vinyl’s because sometimes you could find something they didn't have on CD but never tapes. The tape player in the basement had died on her the year prior and there was no way it was coming back. Instead she'd been working on trying to get her favourite tapes in either CD form or off iTunes. There were only a handful she really wanted, like Rust in Peace and that had been easy enough to find digitally but she really wanted it in CD form. So she started flicking through the CD's on display, looking for anything that seemed interesting. While making sure to keep an eye out for Rust in Peace of course.
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