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May 19 2015, 06:18 AM
Given that Jen has some scholarships lined up already, that makes me think she's a senior? They have different career ambitions, but they're both aiming to scholarship their way out of Kingman, which are similar enough goals that Georgia Lee would probably be quite competitive with her, and kinda see her as a rival? She'd definitely be nice to her face though, and study + work with her, though. A critical thinker would actually be a fantastic person to talk to Georgia Lee, since despite like, thinking pretty highly of her intelligence, that's not really something she does all that well. If there are multiple perspectives on an issue, she'll tend to just accept the first one she hears, and then dismiss all the others, instead of like, comparing and evaluating them. Even with her life goals, she's kinda just internalized her parents' values (despite like, trying to be independent from them) rather than actually sat down and thought about who she is and what she wants. Talking to someone who she considers an intellectual equal, but who's more capable of that sort of contemplative thinking, could stand to really shake up Georgia Lee's worldview!

Probably? I haven't decided completely on Jen's grade yet, it's still something I'm personally debating the merits of (thankies for reminding me to update the rest of the girls tho lol). Going to tentatively say she's a senior for your purposes. That is quite the interesting relationship, and one I think Jen would be very well suited for. One of the persons who I based Jen as a conglomerate of old friends/rivals on from my IRL actually did have a similar effect on me in my younger years, so I definitely do know that feel personally.

With Ariana, it'd be good to have someone with whom to volunteer with. Georgia Lee's methodism is kinda the same as her ambitions - she just adopted it by default, rather than thinking about it, and isn't really all that spiritual. She's not really capable of the sort of soul searching it takes to stop being religious, but it really only plays a part in her life as a means to an end, in terms of padding out a college application. A genuine believer might pick up on this, and it might make them kinda uncomfortable - I don't know how like, devout Ariana is, in regards to this. You say she's quiet in her religion, but is that just like, in terms of talking to other people about it? Or is it also something that to her isn't that big a deal.

It would be the sort of thing that Ariana picks up on but doesn't really mind, I suppose. She's not too picky about the specifics with others when they have the sort of personality she'll follow. The sort who doesn't question too much, at least externally. The inner dialogue might have some choice words occasionally, but for the most part I still flag Georgia as someone who'd take command in the group.

Georgia Lee's been in Kingman her whole life, so she'll definitely know someone as social and prominent as Irene. She might be made a bit insecure by Irene's natural academic abilities, but they're sure to be at least familiar with one another, and probably friendly if not quite friends.

That sounds fine to me! If they've lived their whole lives together I'm sure they were probably on better terms when younger? Maybe as Georgia got busy she sort of naturally drifted away from Irene but they still consider one another friends even if they don't have the time to hang out in similar spheres nowadays.
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