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Friendships shall be sent, by mail order.

For Georgia I can see both my Ariana and Jenhifer having some form of inroads with her. For Ariana it's the fact that they're both Methodists (I think, that is a detail that I may have to change?) and might volunteer together in the youth group? Ariana's naturally a follower by nature and Georgia's go-gettem attitude might mean she sort of naturally becomes Ariana's 'boss' figure when their volunteer hours coincide? So they have an acquaintance and talk, but due to the lack of shared interests it might not be anything too intimate.
As for Jen they're both hard workers, though Jen is a more contemplative and critical thinker sort of academic, just from my study of Georgia's style of rote memorization. Still, as I know from experience those primarily given to a rote style can still talk up a storm, so I'm sure they can have lively discussions. Might study together, maybe they worked together in Safeway back in the day and met through that?

Any other thoughts feel free to chiperino in!

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