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The first guy who turned up was Barry, who BB mostly knew because of his initials and how they evoked her hated name, but that wasn't his fault. So she turned away from the windows and smiled at Barry and said, "Yeah, be my guest."

And then before too long, there was Jeremy too, who was pretty cool except every so often he tended towards using the name and when he slipped up and did that he could just go get fucked. And today there was very nearly an incident, and BB let her hands slip below the table so nobody would see them balling up—because, really? A one-two of Mr. BB and Jeremy having a moment?—but he dialed it back in time and had the grace to apologize. BB brought her hands back up and took a big bite of potatoes and gravy to keep herself from frowning, because he'd at least put the effort in. The potatoes weren't bad, but that wasn't saying much since it was hard to screw up mashed potatoes without failing to mash them properly or something and BB was almost positive these came from powder in a bag. Still, the salt pushed her worries temporarily away.

"Yeah, Jeremy, have at," she said, gesturing towards one of the empty chairs.

So Jeremy and Barry were pretty okay lunch companions, she guessed, in that she had nothing really against either of them with the exception of Jeremy's tendency towards unfortunate lapses in basic fucking courtesy. He was even decently smart and into music, which won him some points. So maybe these two could be the hour's entertainment in lieu of the band.

"What brings you both here?" she asked. This was really more of a question for Jeremy because Barry was saddled with the same school-provided meal she was, but it felt better to pitch it to both of them. She nodded at her own Styrofoam tray. "I forgot my lunch," she said, before taking another bite of potatoes.
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