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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ha! Fatty! You can never have too much cardio!

Jerry mentally chided somebody as he ran past, taking pride in being able to outpace most of his fellow students... and, and this was the important part, he could keep that pace too. Could have been the running to school day and running back home too. Little exercise would get these guys and gals a long way, especially the ones who decided to sit around on their ass and play video games and watch animoo or whatever the fuck they were doing these days, Jerry thought to himself.

That translated to baseball, too. People could think what they wanted of Jerry, for all he cared... or at least part of him did, anyway. He knew he was one of the fastest runners, one of the bravest when it came to stealing bases, and he wasn't the varsity first baseman for nothing. Indeed, if there was anything he was sure of, it was that he was definitely a great athlete.

But that part of Jerry that didn't care what people thought was just as powerful as the other part of him... which cared. It cared a whole lot. Jerry was no stranger to the fact he talked a big game just about 24/7, so it should have made sense he'd do everything in his power to back it up. On the baseball diamond it translated pretty well, with Jerry focusing every effort on catching the ball, throwing the ball, hitting the ball... everything was about that fucking ball. He liked baseball because he was good at it, and lately he was starting to think that was the only reason.

His real passion was fighting. He loved MMA, but the trouble with it was that, for some reason, he just wasn't proving to be any good at it. As he constantly reassured himself, he was a crack athlete, a surefire bid to win in a race or simple contest, but something was holding him back in MMA. He loved to brag that he was a fighter, that he had several professional fights under his belt. He always neglected to mention his record.

One day that was going to change. One day he'd excel at what he loved, not only love what he excelled at. Yeah, then they'd see. First, he had to start winning. First, he had to get that ball rolling.

First, I have to catch up to these two AGAIN christ almighty, it's like they're not even running!

It honestly seemed that way, for in his thoughts Jerry noticed he was catching up significantly to Alice and Irene again. Not that he was right behind them, or even a hundred feet behind them... but he felt he was much closer than he should have been for not sprinting like he had intended to. Hell, those two were so attached at the hip in their conversation that if Jerry really kicked it in gear, he realized Irene probably wouldn't leave Alice behind... and he could DEFINITELY pass Alice, no questions asked.

Ha... looks like I can show her a thing or two after all, Jerry smirked, taking a couple of bounding steps that would lead up to the kickoff, the injection of turbo, the big takeoff-


Jerry nearly fell onto his goddamn face when Ramsay called for him to come over. She never wanted anything to do with him (or anybody else that wasn't rearing and ready to become a gymnast, for that matter), so what she could have wanted now was beyond him. He gave a quick look off to the side, a pointing gesture self-targeted as if to say 'who, me?' in response. It wasn't quite the most unlikely thing the world, given that there were a couple of other kids with the same last name in Cochise (curiously, he was related to neither of them - his parents had no clue about the families). Unfortunately it was a hopeless notion because neither of them happened to be in this class. Yes, 'Queen Ramses' was talking to him.


He slowed to a walk and plodded off in her direction, standing before her.

"Nurse wants you."


Jerry grumbled and left the gymnasium without a further word, wondering if it was about those immunizations he was sure he could get away without. He coulda sworn he read somewhere that those things caused autism or some shit.

((Jerry Fury, ridin' a horse off into the sunset elsewhere))
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