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More sneakers screeched past. Irene hadn't really counted on her precious PE period being willed away in virtual stasis like this. She already felt pent up and restless despite the fact that she was moving; she was impatiently snapping the toes of her feet against the ground a few times with each step just to make the lazy motions count for a little something more. She was committed to Alice for the duration, however. It was only right, and it wasn't like Alice was bad company. She was cute. Maybe a bit quiet, but that was half of Irene's friends anyways. Either they were quiet and secretly annoying or openly annoying yet still somehow redeemable.

Best she could hope for was that Alice would eventually recover and they could go at a decent clip for at least a while. Fight the good fight. Worst case scenario she supposed she could try to set the record for fastest cross-campus transposition to burn off her spare energy before her next class. AP Econ, where she'd have to hunker down and ignore the teacher to study the musings of the yung Maynard Keynes himself.

Come to think of it. She wondered if she actually shared any sort of class with Alice and just didn't realize it. Irene typically wasn't too cognizant of things that weren't her own idle amusements while in the classroom.

"What sort of subjects- teachers- have you got this year, Alice? Alice. I said it right, hah!" She knew for a fact that she didn't share any classes with Jerry, at least as far as she was concerned given her somewhat lacking opinion of his academic capacity. She'd admit, at the very least, that he was faster than her. At this rate it was inevitable that he'd catch up to them again, whatever sort of confrontation that entailed.

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