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Jeremy always knew his parents were good for something.

((Jeremy Frasier: Pregame Start))

Jeremy was in the cafeteria, trying to find a table. He had gotten out of his math class as quickly as possible, mostly so that he could get a spot on a cafeteria table before the place filled up. Well, that, and because he wanted to get out of that fucking math class as quickly as he could. He could have slowed down though, admittedly. He was the first person of his friends here, and rather than literally having nowhere to sit, he metaphorically had nowhere to sit.

Oh well, it wasn't his fault that he didn't fuck around. Professionalism. Walk as quickly to and from where you need to go, and don't waste time by talking to other people. It always worked for him, and the positives always outweighed the negatives.

So yeah, goddammit Joshua, goddammit Harold, goddammit Irene. Why couldn't they be as fast as him? They were so rude, bothering to talk to others instead of moving quickly. God fucking damm.

Oh well. It didn't matter to him. It just meant that he'd have to sit with someone who he didn't talk with normally. He looked around, and Jesus Christ those school lunches looked awful. Again, it seemed his parents were good for something after all. Wait, focus Jeremy. Look for a table.

Soon enough, he found one.

He walked to it, and there were... two people there? One he knew, Barbara Gunnerson. Smart person, had a band, and was a sort of academic rival for Jeremy. She had weird tastes in music, though. What the fuck is drone?

The other person he didn't quite know as well. He knew his name though! Barry Banks, soccer dude, spent all his spare time playing sports. Eh, he could be a good guy.

“Hey, Ba-”

Wait a moment, she prefers to be called by her nickname, right? That's what most other people thought her name was.

“BB, sorry. It okay if I sit here?”
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