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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Lily seemed to drop the subject of the books, but she thanked him for the cake! That was good, right? She asked if they could play chess again sometime. This had to be good, right? Wanting to be with you must mean she doesn't hate your guts! She likes you Alvaro, you can stop being paranoid about her now.

Then Adelaide came in, asking for more cutlery.




He realized that he looked unprofessional now, and now hoped that Adelaide didn't care about it too much. He was trying not to spark up his paranoia, trying not to panic. Breathe in, breathe out.

"Whoops, hang on a moment, Lily." He broke from the conversation and took several forks out of the kitchen, and started to place them on the table. He hoped that nobody came in during this time.
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