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Thankfully, Bryony was not forced into using her decidedly-not-threatening intimidation tactics. Sandra, it seemed, had decided on her ice cream of choice very quickly. She had also, most likely, not had to repeat her choice three times because of how quiet and stuttery her voice had been. Bryony took a quick glance at what ice cream exactly Sandra had decided on.

Ooh. Chocolate. Bryony had to admit, she did love chocolate a whole lot. Not as much as bubblegum, sure, but if she was offered it, she wouldn't say no. Maybe she could find a way to swipe some from Sandra...

Bryony had a spoonful of her own ice cream hovering half way between bowl and mouth when Sandra decided to speak in some long dead language. Was there even a single English word in that sentence? Bryony looked at her friend with a mixture of confusion and concern. Was this... some kind of reference that Sandra expected Bryony to understand? Had she completely missed something, here? Was she just being completely stupid, and Sandra had, in fact, said something audible but her own brain hadn't managed to process it?

Thankfully, none of Bryony's fears turned out to be true, as Sandra repeated her question, this time without the handicap of a spoon in her mouth. Bryony giggled as the realisation set in, then swallowed her own spoonful of ice cream before tapping her finger against her chin thoughtfully.

"Um... well, it's been... average, y'know? Nothing to really complain about, I guess. Well, um, aside from last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen... but you probably don't care about that, huh? I'm just out here cause... uh... Beth's going on a bit of a rampage right now..."

Bryony was silent for a moment, looking down at the surface of the table. Sometimes she wished that she had a better relationship with her sister. Honestly, anything would be better than what they had right now. Bryony wanted to care about Bethany, but it was so hard to do so when her sister had never showed evidence that she felt the same way. Having to come home to someone who seemed to actively enjoy making someone else's life a misery just... really, really sucked.

Looking back up at Sandra a little too quickly to be natural, Bryony willed her smile to return to her face. She just needed to think about anything else. There was no point in feeling down about something she couldn't change, after all.

"I, um... I think I know why your magic trick didn't work..." Bryony said, smile slowly growing as she tried to think of something to disperse the negativity.

"I've been, um.... working out and stuff... these guns must have been holding me down..."

At this, Bryony mock-flexed, looking at Sandra with eyebrows raised. She could only hold the pose for a couple of seconds before she collapsed into a fit of giggling.

Is laughing at your own jokes a good sign or a bad sign? I can never tell...


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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