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The first layer was solved.

His ears catched the word "cat". Oh god, they weren't gossiping about him, were they?

The second layer was solved.

Suddenly a new girl appeared. Al looked up and then quickly back to the cube. That girl did not stand out from the crowd as much as Yazzie or Fiyori did, but she apparently knew both of them. Her name was Bee or something like that. Gunnerson? Or somebody else? Al was not sure at all.

Just some moves more. And it was done.

He put the completed cube back into his bag. Solving the cube another time, especially with so many people nearby, was silly. Leaning forward, resting his head on his arm that was on the table, he stared at the clock. This time he'd listen what the other people would say. Maybe they were talking about something that was interesting? Or maybe they were talking about him.
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