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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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"A cat? C'mon now, you know you only get half points for animals n' plants n' shit, otherwise-"

Instinct and Ty had a complicated relationship with each other. Take, for instance, his first thought when a pair of arms crossed around his shoulders without warning. Now, on instinct, his first reaction was to take those arms and try to flip whoever was attached to them over the table before things turned rough for him. Maybe put some distance between whoever came over and him if time allowed before they got back up, or just dive right in to maintain control. That was how you stayed on your feet. How you survived.

A brief flinch gave his leaning away before he buried the notion deep, especially as he felt the comforting squeeze he'd grown familiar with over the last few months. Bee. He figured she'd be around here, somewhere. Nothing to worry about at all. His hands came up and crossed over hers, squeezing back gently and smiling over his shoulder. "Hey, Bee. I was wonderin' where you got to."
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