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Nate and Kaylee are both in theatre! She'd be all "Guys, stop being mean to him : (" at people picking on him, so I could see them getting along. She lives under a lot of stress though so it's definitely possible he's caught her on a bad day now and then. A fun fact is she's only about five inches taller than he is. She deals with anxiety and self-consciousness too, so she'd have some sympathy. If they're friends she's probably really nice and affectionate to him. She might or might not be uncomfortable if he gets clingy, I'll have to mull on it and it might depend on the extent of it.

Nate's friends with Clarice who's a close friend of Rod's, so he and Rod are maybe familiar, plus Rod is the type most will probably have heard of with how successful a wrestler he is. I could see them being decent acquaintances if Nate isn't scared off by Rod's super serious and intense outward demeanour. He's really ambitious and hard working so he and Nate have that kind of thing in common. They have a shared enjoyment of cooking.

Cris seems like he just doesn't give a shit, and a lot of the time he really is kind of burnt out and apathetic, but he's sharp as a whip and when he's interested he's really competent and hard working. If Nate's seen him in practise or at a game he'd see how intense and driven Cris suddenly becomes when it's time to be serious. How close they are might depend on how sensitive Nate is and if he's tolerant of drugs though; Cris is definitely pro-marijuana, has maybe offered Nate a joint to help him relax before, it's possible he's fired a Tyrion Lannister joke at Nate before or something, but he's someone who cuts out the joking if someone's offended or uncomfortable. He'd definitely take a "you need to stop worrying so much, man" attitude towards Nate though.

I see Curtis as having interacted with Nate before in like musicals and such. He's passionate about his hobbies and is an incredible singer for his age. He does his best to be very cordial to people, and would probably very firmly tell people hassling Nate to behave themselves - considering he's a nearly 300 pound man mountain who powerlifts on a competitive level, people generally listen. He has a scarier side to him, but unless Nate has seriously pushed his buttons for a good while, he's unlikely to see it. Curtis might or might not get annoyed at the clinginess if they're close - it's up to you if they are - but is likely to remain quite friendly even if so; he doesn't believe in burning bridges.


All of my concepts so far make at least some appearances in the party scene, so Vanessa could have encountered any of them through that. Now, for some specifics:

Kaylee is a somewhat common sight at parties, partly because she feels pressured into acting more extroverted than she is. She's pretty and popular and nice to most, she might not like Vanessa's selfishness but if they do become friends there'd be mutual loyalty. She'd go to Peyote Coyote's shows and stuff when she has time!

Rod likes rock, though he's more for the classics, so I could see him dropping by PC's shows if they're any good. He might not approve of the name, something something turning part of Navajo culture into a marketing thing, but if they're good he'll be honest about liking them. It's possible there's been an argument but Rod's not unreasonable about his defensiveness over this kind of thing, he's not going to be a huge dick about it because it's not like they named themselves the Redskins or whatever (if he thought they were actually being racist, he'd quickly be all "Hey, that's racist, cut it out"). There's potential for clashes over Vanessa taking it for granted stuff will just revolve around her, but it's also possible for them to get along. We can discuss it, I'm sorta just blasting all my thoughts onto the page at the moment. Rod is sorta someone where you either get put off by his initial impressions/outward demeanour, or get to know him and realise he's usually fairly chill when he's familiar with you (or, you step on his toes one too many times and he explodes at you). He is someone who tells people exactly what he thinks if it comes up though, so if they know each other she'd better be able to put up with blunt honesty.

Cris likes to support the softballers, though he's busy with baseball so he might not always be dropping in on games and stuff. Between that, shows, and parties I overall see Cris as the one of mine Vanessa is likely to know most. If she's pretty (she doesn't seem bad looking in Frogue's pic, even if she looks like she's stared too long into the abyss O_O) he's probably flirted with her/tried to get with her, though it'd be pretty light and if she said no or acted uncomfortable with it he'd back right off. I don't remember if orientations are incompatible or anything? He's pretty no-worries and nonjudgemental overall, more or less because he just doesn't care enough to get worked up over the small stuff and likes to just generally get along, but if someone's close to him he'll give hell to anyone who gives 'em trouble. Since Vanessa does drugs and Cris is a pot guy, they could always smoke together and stuff too. Depending on how the softball team shapes up/if there's room for NPCs and such/if I throw a softballer into my remaining concepts, I'm reserving the possibility he has dated one of her teammates before because it seems possible.

Curtis is a familiar sight at these things but doesn't go as out of his way to go to them, though he's probably supplied many a party with product. Since you said Vanessa drinks and does drugs, Curtis can hook her up, if he thinks she's trustworthy (he's very careful about his business, and won't approach someone for a deal if he thinks they can't be relied on; their money isn't worth jail time). If they interact, I could see it generally being positive, but he has less immediate stuff to latch on to with her than say, Cris, so it might be up for some discussion. Also I reserve the right to edit this post as ideas come to me!
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