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[Bernadette Thomas start!]
Funny, Bernadette thought as she carefully put her bag down at the edge of the nearest bookshelf, that is exactly what I was thinking.

Then without a second thought she dove forward, arms wrapping around Tyler’s shoulders, squeezing lightly as if to say ‘not a threat’ belatedly. Then she simply rested there, comfortable and happy, making no secret of her mischievous smile as she turned her attention, outwardly, elsewhere.

“Hey Fiyori,” she greeted as she stood behind her boyfriend, as if she had done nothing out of the ordinary. She was not particularly close to the girl sitting beside Tyler, but she at least knew her name and liked her because she refused to try and fit in. Never mind that it was simply polite to say hello when you had just interrupted someon-

Oh well, it was a bit late to apologise now. It was a minor thing and she hoped that Fiyori would not mind too much.
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