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- He and Jasper are both devout Christians and part of the soccer team! If Nate minds Jasper's rambling, they'd get along terrifically!
- Samuel and Nate are both in cooking classes, so they'd definitely cross paths. Not entirely too sure if they'd be on good terms, though. Devotion is a thing that Samuel would raise a brow at, but if Nate's chill on some of the more liberal topics then they'd be chill.
- Haley's in theatre and definititely would pick on Nate on occasion. While they don't actively seek him out they'd definitely poke at him from time to time, which is likely enough to set him off.


- Vanessa sounds like the perfect friend for Haley: music, partying, softball (still unsure of Haley's sport but softball's the one I'm leaning on): what's not to like? There's a 50/50 chance drama's split them up, though it's relatively up to Vanessa.

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