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((Nate Turner Pregame Start))

“It was a dark and stormy night, and the house was empty but for one young lady. She was curled up on the sofa, the fireplace roaring with a blazing heat as a tree scratched against the window outside and rain beat against the glass. She sipped her cocoa, but it did little to calm her nerves as… as… nuts.”

Nate glanced down at the script in defeat, then pressed his head into it as he let out a groan. He’d been running the line in his head ever since the bell for final period had rung so that he could set the scene, swearing to himself he’d have it memorised in time for the drama club meeting, but here he was still having to fall back on the text after two lines.

The school was between productions at the moment, so for now the group were just running exercises to keep everyone’s acting muscles nice and limber. Whilst he was looking forward to finding out what show they were going to be putting on next, the downtime was still plenty fun as he got to have a few laughs with his friends.

That’s what he would be doing, anyway, if he hadn’t been the first to show up. This meeting was taking place in the math class, as the gym had been taken over by Coach Parkinson for whatever reason. The series of mathematical posters decorating the walls of the room provided an interesting contrast to the creatively abstract theatrics it was about to house, but for now it just felt empty.

Nate hated empty rooms. He began to scratch his arm, glancing at the door more than the script as he hoped someone would show up soon. He was pretty sure that the meeting hadn’t been cancelled; he’d have heard about it if it had been, right?

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