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Now, giving Ty a heart attack wasn't exactly what Fiyori wanted. More incentive to not act like those mysterious normal folks people talk about all the time, huh? She gave him a smile instead. One that Fiyori would call genuine even. That was one of the many things she liked about Ty. She knew; she was not the average high school student or something. Her parents told her. So did her teachers, and so did probably every second person she met. Ty, however, when faced with all the thousands of little oddity's of Fiyori, he handled them with an incredible ease. Few did as good as he did.

"Excuse me though, I just waved politely at a cat earlier this morning. Counts as an adult point."

She looked over to the book he was holding. Ah, religion. History. Something like that. Seemed to be something East Asian based on the cover? Well, she'd figure it out. Maybe. If she grew curious.

"Actually the same with me. Ate lunch, now gotta kill some time. Figured I bug you."
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