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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Ty watched Fiyori's head-games with amusement. They were mostly harmless, and Al didn't seem too shook up. He couldn't tell if the guy hadn't been around her enough to figure out the score, or if he was just so used to her at this point that stunned apologies were all she could get out of him. He was a tough little guy to read.

He turned his head as Fiyori made her crash landing behind him, casually nesting into the chair beside him. "Y'know," he chuckled, "one of these days you're just gonna...I dunno, walk through a door and wave, like normal folks. Probably give me a heart attack while you're at it." He gave a nod down to the book in front of him. "Just killin' time. You?"

Al seemed to be fussing with his puzzle again, out of the corner of his eye. Between the two of them, the guy seemed pretty off his game. Maybe he wasn't much of a people person.
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