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Adelaide decided to give up on her homework for the time being. She told herself that as soon as she finished her food she would start again. She had to, if she wanted to get a decent grade in the class. Instead, she focused her attention on Lily and Alvaro's conversation. The café was not busy, so it was easy enough to overhear the conversation. They were talking about chess. She didn't know people played chess at their school. From what she could see of Alvaro's expression, he was absolutely ecstatic about it. Wow, working part time to take over the family business and chess... it sounded like an absolutely thrilling way to live.

Then again, she watched foreign films for enjoyment and she considered her grandmother as a best friend. Adelaide did not have room to judge.

But then Lily's eyes shifted towards her and Adelaide had to force her head back down to make it look like she was still focused on her homework. Trying to escape her embarrassment at possibly having been caught spying with the formulas again only soured her mood.

"Mon Dieu..." she muttered under her breath as she spent another minute trying to understand what she was reading when Alvaro came to the table and set down her order.

"Thank you, Alvaro," she replied, pushing her work to the side. First she took a long sip of the ice water, letting the cool liquid calm her nerves. She was still a bit winded from the walk, so it also helped rejuvenate her.

She brought the plate close to her, wanting to taste the flavors of the cheesecake in front of her, only to find that no silverware had been placed on the table. It was still early, so Alvaro had probably not gotten around to it yet. Oh well.

Adelaide rose from her seat and walked back up to the front, waiting for a lull in Lilly's and Alvaro's conversation before she spoke up. "Can I have a fork? There are no utensils on the table."
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