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The guy cringed a bit, and hastily turned his head to meet Fiyori eye-to-eye. Now, she kinda expected a blood-curling scream as well as a small toy cat in her face, but she guessed the guy was a bit too old to be scared. Maybe?

Fiyori returned the gaze, just one inch separating the two people's pairs of eyes. She continued for a few seconds, studying the guy's brown eyes and trying to understand why the fuck he said sorry. It was such a dumb habit of some people around those parts. She did something polite society frowned upon, and all they do was saying sorry. Jeez, it was such a dumb thing and it irritated Fiyori.

"Don't say sorry if you don't have to."

She broke eye contact, tilted her head slightly to the side so that she could look at Ty. Her semi-frustrated expression changed into a small smile as she stood up and jumped on the table. There was a bit of burrito still left on her right hand - how bothersome - which she quickly tried to get rid off by smearing it on the edge of the table before eventually jumping off, but on the other side.

"Sup?" she said to Ty, sitting down next to him on a chair.
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