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Hello! My name is Frogue and I made a profile for a character, and it hasn't been approved yet but it's here.

Her name is Georgia Lee Day! Georgia Lee is her first name, as opposed to Lee Day being her last name. I realise that's confusing but I've locked that in.

She's very driven and motivated and whatnot, and respects that in other people, so I guess people who are ambitious would be get along with her? She studies a lot, and does SAT prep classes and is in softball and a church youth group and works at the safeway and volunteers at this elder care thing. She tries pretty hard to be friendly, and thinks of herself as easy to get along with, but she's also competitive, oversensitive to criticism and tends to put her own goals ahead of others', which may put people off of her.

Of late she has been getting on people's nerves a lot, so I guess at the moment I am looking for people with pre-existing positive relationships with her? Friends, coworkers, church people etc. Also Slam and I are always looking for more softball peeps!

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