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Adelaide decided to leave the situation, and sat down at a table. He wasn't quite sure why, but he assumed it was because he had been rude and she didn't want to talk to him right now. Don't worry about it, Alvaro, just act nice to her from now on and it shouldn't be a problem for you.

He started paying attention to Lily now, apparently she forgot about something earlier? She reached into her bag, and got out some chess books, apparently they were second hand and


Is she giving them to you?

Is she giving you a gift?

She is! Wait wait wait wait wait, this must mean something. Nobody would give you a gift if they hated you, Alvaro. This means that she at least likes you. Even with this, this means that you could possibly


A bell rang.

"Wait, hang on a moment, Lily." Alvaro turned around, looked at the metal hole. There were two plates with cake on them (with each of them making about... one eighth of the whole thing? Alvaro wasn't good at maths) andone of them having a cup full of iced water. Both of their orders were ready, and it was... cake and water for Adelaide and just cake for Lily. Yeah, that sounded right.

He grabbed one piece and the iced water, and walked over to where Adelaide was sitting.

"There you go." He said in a singsong tone as he placed both on the table. He walked back, got the spare piece and gave it to Lily.

"And there you go."
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