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keep running yoshi
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Irene had expected at least a bit of return banter. Maybe witty, at least wittier than anything she herself could produce on the fly. But no, Jerry was just burning rubber. Wasn't this guy a martial artist or something? Irene vaguely knew that in a strict match-up she was probably outclassed in terms of technique, but alea iacta est. Competitive spirit set the adrenaline in her aflame, her muscles were suddenly burning as she tore after him, bounding from Alice's side in a flash.

As hard as Irene could have tried to actually catch up, it was futile, and after a few seconds of brute force she was already spent. Not from any actual loss of energy, she was still redeemable for at least a whole marathon. It was strictly a loss of verve, her fiery spirit quickly petering out as her interest in actually trying waned. 'Eh' was the statement of the hour here. What was the point of pushing herself? As her split-second hype subsided she realized she didn't actually have much stake in the matter. Yes, she had started it, but it had just been a passing fancy! It totally didn't count, never mind that Jerry didn't know that.

For a second Irene swore Miss Ramsey was yelling something at her. Nice and slow now she was able to safely appraise the situation.

Oh shit, she'd abandoned her (wo)men! Alice was under fire in the trenches. Her chances of making another lap- let alone surviving the rest of the period's worth of sustained lung damage- were dubious as far as Irene could tell. Good thing Irene hadn't gone completely off-the-wall running after Jerry like a ravening dog.

"Sarah, I'll run with Alicia! Alice! Fuck!" Irene was Ramsey-approved to the point where even unrestrained language and casual first-naming earned her no ire. She was greeted with a curt nod.

"Keep her on her toes, Djezari!"

"Will do!" Irene shook her head and mouthed an exaggerated 'hell no' Alice's way as she executed a beautiful one eighty and jogged back to her comrade's side. "We can just walk. Long as I'm here Miss Ramsey'll stay off your back."

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