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Increasingly flustered by Irene's breezy nature, Alice was glad the other girl was going to race the boy. It gave her a moment to think, collect her thoughts, not engage in conversation while running. It wasn't like she had anything against Irene, she just...they weren't really the kind of person Alice got, you know? She was too high energy.

Alice felt herself recede away from the other girl, slowing her pace. Her pace slowed further as the moved away from her. Still panting, Alice slowed her pace to a walk, and tried valiantly to keep going until the teacher said stop.

Oh, the boy was in her trig class, she realized. That's where she knew him from. Made sense. He seemed the cocky sort, the kind of guy who didn't take stuff seriously. He and Irene probably got along well.

Alice heard the shrill sound of the teacher calling her name, and looked over, confused. Then she looked down at her feet, and realized she'd stopped in place. Taking a deep breath, Alice kept going, trying to pick up a little speed despite the rasp of her breath constricting her lungs.
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