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This project has progressed and a demo may be found here.

DISCLAIMER: This may not actually happen. In fact, it probably won't.

Hello, all! This came up in chat a few nights ago at like 3 AM, but after some musing I've decided it's not as terrible an idea as I initially thought, so I'm going ahead and putting up a thread about it. Basically, I want to try my hand at making a TV2 Fangame in RPGMaker. I taught myself how to use the program in like thirty minutes last night, and used to use the Age of Empires 2 map editor, so nothing can possibly go wrong, right?

Anyways, more details below, but right off the bat I wanted to say that I'm picking characters for this purely through an opt-in process. I am taking only TV2 characters, and if you want yours in, you must post to this thread or the cross-post on Mini telling me so (or PM me or whatever). More than that, doing so does not guarantee that I'll actually use your character. It just gives me permission to do so if that's where the artistic muse takes me. If you have any particular stipulations about the use of your character (like you don't want them killing people or something), let me know those too right away. Being really blunt, too many/major stipulations will probably result in me not using them unless I end up with something that fits really perfectly.

The reason I'm making this opt-in is that I really wouldn't be comfortable with my characters being used for such a project without my permission (even though I'd basically give permission for anything anyways), and there are plenty of characters in TV2 to feature only those whose handlers want them in this sort of thing.

Now, to a bit more of the nitty-gritty:

RPGMaker makes ugly Final Fantasy 1-6-alikes and pretty much nothing else. This means my fan game will be one of those. It has some potential for use as a more purely narrative medium that I'll probably be exploring, which is to say I don't think it'll be about Austin White casting fireballs at wolves. But you never can tell, so maybe that's exactly what it'll be! I have some loose ideas for how to translate semi-gritty violence to RPGMaker but they may flop hard.

I have no idea what the plot will be. It'll probably be an extremely loose adaptation of the RPed version, with a lot of changes made to account for only featuring 20-30 members of the cast or so and having a PoV character/party who may not have hit Endgame in the canon version. I have absolutely no clue who the protagonist(s) will be--I'll pick someone who seems compelling from the folks who get submitted. Ideally I'd love to let you select a character from a few but that may be stupid amounts of work. I've seriously only spent thirty minutes or so on this program.

I'll be creating the plot and doing most/all of the writing and area design. I can be a really poor creative team player, so setting myself up as supreme dictator for life right off the bat seems the best way to have everyone's expectations at the appropriate level. I may ease off on that as time goes on, but the default assumption should be there.

The version of RPGMaker I have is XP. I have this one because it was less than two dollars during the Steam sale last year. I know little about RPGMaker versions--if there's a really good reason, I might be persuaded to switch to 2003 (which features a better battle system--not that I'll necessarily even use that) or VX Ace (which differs in some regard that is a bit unclear to me but may have prettier map creation but is also seventy bucks and that's a bit above my level of financial commitment to this project--it periodically goes on sale at ~fifteen dollars though so if I'm patient then maybe). Noting this in case those who know more than I have feedback.

This is going to be pretty low priority for me, to the point that I'd say the odds are better than not it will never get done/will be really small and crummy. I have all these grand ambitions, but those tend to crumble. I can't emphasize enough that this is a crazy idea with no promise of success or even progress.

That said, I'm looking for the following:
  • Characters. If people in TV2 who are cool with seeing their kids used for this sort of thing want to volunteer them to be mangled and mutilated and horrifically misinterpreted by my dubious creative prowess, that would be most appreciated. I'm keeping a list of potential victims at the bottom of this post. Please remember that volunteering, while super appreciated, does not mean your character will actually be used.
  • Art asset assistants. RPGMaker XP actually has a pretty acceptable set of built-in environments and stuff, with a leaning towards fantasy that nevertheless has room, I think, to make something modern. What it does not have is any sort of sprite creation stuff (though if it hit that stage I know a program that apparently sort of does this and is only like fifteen bucks) or portrait generator (though Facemaker is a fallback option). However, if anyone more artistic than I am could be persuaded to help with these things, I'd be super grateful. This is a very far-away interest check, because I wouldn't feel comfortable asking anyone to put time towards this until the rest of the project is basically done. It's pretty easy to dummy things with basic sprites and then swap them later. So, I guess I'm looking for people to long-term help with art and/or help teach me to do spriting stuff.
  • Music asset assistants. The same deal as the art, but for MIDI tracks. Also less important because RPGMaker has a decent selection of default music. But yeah, if anyone knows MIDI and wants to help me learn, I'd be very appreciative. I think I've found a freeware program to work on this.
  • Playtesters. Ideally only like two or three of these, because I don't want the entire board playing this at every WiP stage because then there will be no mystery left. I'd want people who a. have read a ton of TV2, b. know about RPGMaker and/or crummy games based on it, or c. ideally fall into both of the above categories.

So I know I'm forgetting a ton but I have to run to class for an eleven-hour day. You can also ask questions and stuff but nothing will be answered until ~12-13 hours from now. Again, to hammer it in: this is a low priority for me and it's 80% likely nothing will ever come of it, but that 20% is appealing enough for me to prod for character use privileges.

Characters whose use has been approved (and lots of sprites)

Cross-posted from Mini because, hey, better visibility and maybe people who haven't checked Mini in a bit will toss their characters in/maybe people who've never done Mini nevertheless know what they're doing with this sort of project.
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