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[Fiyori Senay, continued from Don't Call It a Comeback]

So they did not notice her, huh?

Fiyori was totally reading a book about history or something (it was actually a burrito) as she noticed Ty entering the library. She was sitting on one of the various chairs placed near the shelves, and her eyes followed Ty around the library's rows. It was a pretty easy thing to do, given how many of the shelves were under-equipped, allowing Fiyori to look through the spaces of air that seemingly made up the majority of the sections.

He picked up a book, moving towards the center tables. Fiyori stuffed another bite of her lunch into her mouth and with that the burrito was history. Well, now that food time was over she guessed she could try and find some entertainment. Maybe he wasn't in the mood for talking, but Fiyori figured she could sit next to him or something. Learn together like proper students and all.

Yeah, needless to say Fiyori wasn't really the library type. Nothing against books, but Fiyori didn't come for them. The large windows were nice, with all the light they brought in. It was a pretty nice atmosphere, so she enjoyed eating her lunch there. If she wanted to read a book, you know, she went to somewhere which actually could deliver something that didn't reek of decade's worth of student's tears.

It turned out that there was already another boy sitting near Ty. Some guy called... Guy for now. He was apparently deep in thoughts, or maybe concerned with something in his hands. Fiyori couldn't see from behind, but she did see Ty, whom she greeted with a finger on her lips - a sign to keep quiet.

Eventually, she was directly behind Guy's back. She lowered herself so that her head was directly behind his ears.

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