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((Pregame Start: Barry Banks))

As Barry stood in the lunch line, he pondered over the series of events that had brought him into this situation. First, he forgot to pack a lunch from home. While this normally wouldn't be much of a problem, Cochise High was not exactly known for high-quality lunches. Now, he could have gone off-campus to find somewhere else to eat, but he didn't really see the point in going through all that trouble and wasting even more of his lunch period than he already had. So for now, he was stuck in the line.

He was still optimistic, though. The last time he had forgotten his lunch, it wound up being taco day in the cafeteria, and the tacos were surprisingly good, especially for Cochise High's usual standard. So Barry kept hope that there would be something really good in store for him once he reached the front of the line.

It didn't take long for his hopes to be dashed. It looked like someone had opened a bunch of really bland TV dinners and decided to serve them to high school students for lunch. He could have sworn that the mashed potatoes and corn looked like something he had seen from a Hungry Man dinner, and the pizza just had to be straight out of the freezer isle, since he'd never seen anything like it anywhere else. At this point Barry was pretty sure that this wasn't going to be one of the better meals of his young life, but he pressed on. Something was better than nothing, after all.

Barry didn't usually eat in the cafeteria, but since he was going to have to toss the tray at the end of the meal anyway, he might as well stick around. Most of the tables were pretty full by the time he got his food, but there was one that still held only a single occupant. However, with the state of the cafeteria being what it was, he wondered if she was saving that table for someone. It would make sense, given the situation. But on the other hand, he really wanted to just sit down and eat, and it was the first open table he saw. He walked over to the near-empty table and talked to the lone girl sitting there.

"Hey, is it okay if I sit here, or are you saving this table for someone?"
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