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Ugh, parents and their pressuring. Worst. Pressure to continue a family business had to be bad. Although at least Alvaro seemed to like the cafe. That probably dulled the edge. (Lily tried to imagine the idea of succeeding her family's jobs, but supervising miners or dentistry weren't exactly family businesses.

Lily stepped aside to make room for Adelaide to leave. Not that she really needed to, but it was instinct. She didn't go and sit down yet. Since Adelaide had left the conversation—seemed like Alvaro being in a rush was a mistaken assumption—she figured, hey, might as well make conversation. At least until Alvaro needed to get back to work. She saw Adelaide take out a science textbook, out of the corner of her eye.

Peering at the book reminded her of something she'd meant to bring up. She turned back to Alvaro, back to fiddling around with her bag strap absently.

“By the way, sorry, before I forget... I found some good second-hand chess books. Admittedly, I can't ever remember the combinations the moves are meant to go in. Interesting stuff, though! But wanted to ask if maybe you'd want to borrow them? I didn't bring them here—didn't want to clutter up the cafe—but if you were interested...? There were some chess jokes included in one, too. But I didn't really get a lot of them.”

Lily finished that last sentence with a shrug. Her gaze drifted a little, as it tended to do during most conversations—it wasn't Alvaro's fault, she just liked seeing what was happening around the room, that's all—and she peered briefly at Adelaide again. She didn't look happy. Was she stuck? Maybe Lily could try and help, but maybe Adelaide wouldn't want help. Like how Lily didn't like people trying to help her carry things. She could lift things fine, darn it. And in any case, running off mid-conversation would be what was commonly referred to as 'an asshole move.'
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