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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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For a moment there, Jerry thought Ms. Ramsey was calling him. He looked without breaking his pace, but that couldn't have been right. Miss Ramsey wasn't in the direction the voice had come from. What was more, she wasn't even looking at him.

Well, figures. She never does.

It took the voice continuing for him to figure out it was one of the two girls he passed. Sure as hell wasn't the mousey girl from math class, so it was probably Irene, and boy did that voice hurt his ears. What burned more, though, was what she actually said.

Bet I can't lap you, huh? Not if you're not actually RUNNING! Jerry thought, bouncing in his stride before leaning into a full-on sprint. It was gonna blow him up doing this, but he was pretty sure he could keep it up for most of a whole lap. Should be enough to give him the results he wanted. Might also give him enough space away from those two.

Hell yes! You're the beeeeeest around! Ain't nobody ever gonna getcha down...
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