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Adelaide nodded to show that she understood both things that Alvaro had said. She still did not understand how the senior could be so happy about remaining in Kingman, probably for the rest of his life by the sound of it. Yet, like Alvaro, lots of people did. He was probably even more better off than others going into family businesses.

"Alright. Thank you." Adelaide said, saying a quiet 'excuse me' as she passed by Lily and walked towards one of the tables by the window.

Now that she was seated, it would probably be a good time as any to do some homework. Adelaide has already done some of the reading for English in advance, and the Spanish worksheet would be a breeze to go through, so she left them both for her science textbook. Her grade in the class was slipping due to labs, so homework was the only place she could keep up.

Adelaide scowled as she flipped through the pages of the text book to the correct chapter, before getting out her worksheet to start grinding through problems. Barely three minute in, however, and she hit a roadblock.

"What even...?" she grumbled under her breath at the formula she had never seen before. She didn't remember going over this in class. How the hell did the teacher think they were supposed to know it if they never taught it?
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