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Oh god, he noticed him. And asked him a question.

"Uhm, uh, ye-, n-, uh. No."

Mumbling. Alessio shook his head in case Ty did not hear his reply. He then quickly looked at the cube again. While facing the cube, he tried to smile.

"Uh, neat piercings."

It was a lie, but a compliment. Ty probably was not so amused at staring at him. So better not piss him off with doing something wrong. Example given, saying nothing or saying something insulting or so.

Al was no person who minded to be around with other people, no matter who they are. Well kinda, cause the big Ty was kind of intimidating.

Or was that smile on his face friendly?

Alessio did not look at Ty's face again, however, observing the cube instead. Figuring out, which moves to make there.
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