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Alvaro seemed in a rush. Maybe he wanted to keep talking with Adelaide. Lily couldn't blame him for that. She seemed pretty terse, too. Yeah, Lily had definitely interrupted a conversation or something. Maybe about sports? She knew Alvaro liked soccer and she was sure Adelaide did something sporty... was it soccer, as well? Or maybe they were just engaged in small talk.

Either way, maybe she should have waited a few minutes before entering the cafe. No helping it now.

“Hello. I didn't mean to interrupt the conversation, sorry.” She gave it a moment's more thought before saying, “Could I get a piece of strawberry cheesecake, please? When you're not busy?”

She gave a small, slightly sheepish smile at both of them as she rummaged around in her bag for her wallet.

“What were you talking about? Anything interesting?” She could get them back on topic, at least until someone else wandered in, and then slip away to a table.
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