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Adelaide wrinkled her brow at how Alvaro said he could be paid less than the average worker. Was that supposed to be a joke? It wasn't that funny, even if she was meant to take it as sarcasm. Yet when he assured her that it was a good way to meet people, Adelaide wasn't so sure.

"So that's your plan? To take over the family business?" Adelaide questioned. It wasn't something that she would personally want. Though her father owned restaurants, he had never pressured her into learning how to run them herself. Partly she was grateful for that, but when Alvaro seemed so involved with his own family, she was almost envious. It was a conflicting feeling, to be sure. However, Alvaro's attention was quickly brought to another customer that entered.

Adelaide turned to look down at Lily Caldwell's tiny figure behind her in line. They were in the same grade, though the other girl was regularly out due to sickness. Adelaide always thought that with her big eyes and knitted, homemade clothes, Lily usually looked like a child's doll. She did better in the sciences than Adelaide, which earned some respect from her. Still, Adelaide was sure if she picked the other girl up, she'd be no trouble at all.

"Hello, Lily." Adelaide said tersely, before turning back to Alvaro. She tried to hide the heat that had risen in her cheeks at the thought of picking Lily up and carrying her around. It wasn't embarrassing, not really, but she still felt her face flush. Lily was around the same height as...

"Should I pay up front or after I get my order?" she decided to ask, though she already knew. Adelaide wanted to find a way to focus her attention back in the present and not in ridiculous fantasies.
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