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She ordered the cheesecake. Alvaro nodded, and took her order on his notepad. It shouldn't be too hard to remember, and since she was the first in, she got to have hers quickly. He ripped the page out of his notepad and took it to the metal hole in-between the serving room and the kitchen. Normally he would go out and give it to the cook face to face but he was talking to a guest and suddenly breaking conversation would be rude and she wouldn't like him. Ice Water and Cheesecake for Adelaide, shouldn't be too hard to remember.

She then asked him a question, about his working at the café. His family had made him work here since he was fifteen. Said it was to teach him work ethic and that it was to prepare him for taking over the café full time. He didn't mind, he could always use whatever other time he had to study and practice chess. He didn't have much else that would require him to be here full time.

"Yeah, my parents make me work here everyday." He paused, "They figure that since I'm their son, they can pay me slightly less than the average worker."

He hoped that his attempt at a joke passed.

"I don't mind it though. It allows me to talk to new people and prepares me for when I take over this place." He moved his arms up, signifying the rest of the café.

The door opened again, and Lily Caldwell entered.


Liked her, he guessed? He didn't really know why, to be honest. But there was something about her that attracted him to her? She was short, flat chested, scrawny; that wasn't why he liked her. It might be personality, he guessed? That might be it. Doesn't matter anyway, the lady's there and Al would want you to serve her.

"Lily! What would you like to order today?" He said rather quickly. Hopefully she wouldn't notice. That would make things super awkward for him and likely trigger the paranoia.
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