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Jerry wasn't very convincing. The fact he was tripping over his words and trying hard not to look at her was a giveaway that he was lying. That and he practically ran out of the room. It was all kind of obvious.

Kimiko would have told him it was alright but all of her forms of communication required him to look at her. She felt slightly bad because Jerry was clearly taking his misstep hard. He was gone though so she couldn't assure him that it was only a little bit awkward. It was strange, almost like a trip back in time when people didn't know her. When she was the new kid from Asia who couldn't speak. People had been curious at first and she'd been a novelty. That was a long time ago though.

Soon she would be leaving high school and almost everyone she knew behind and heading off to college...where she guessed she'd have to go through the whole introduction process again. That would be interesting. As Kimiko went to leave she noticed that Jerry had dropped his copy of Suicide Squad. She picked it up and quickly flicked through the pages, it would be fine for some fun reading. She tucked it safely in her bag. Jerry could have it back next lesson.

((Kimiko Kao continued in Cruising and Perusing))
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