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As far as Irene was aware, she'd committed no great sin. She'd said something, Alicia- Alice- had responded. Simple matter of conversational discourse, right? Newton's Third. Irene was satisfied, that was to say, ignorance was satisfaction. Besides, it was reasonable to assume curt responses would be an issue of mechanics, of lame lung capacity being exceeded. Oblivious as Irene was in some- many- respects she did have functional eyes, and she could see the pain threaded through her every breath Alice pushed. Still didn't excuse the slow pace.

"Eh?" She almost didn't notice Jerry until his voice was suddenly exploding in her ear. Irene kept her footing, thankfully for all involved. Djezari wipe outs were the sort with the potential for collateral damage. Irene wasn't the sort to cleanly fall to the ground, she preferred making more of an ass of herself than that. "Whoa. He came out of nowhere, huh?" Winning observations today.

"Well we are slowish. Taking up space. I mean, neither of us are broad girls. Two of us could hit the broad side of a..." She wasn't really sure how she'd intended to make that cliche contextually relevant. "You know." A brilliant finisher. She glanced after Jerry, contemplative as he continued to outpace them. He glanced back, the sort of brief backwards 'appraise the losers I'm totally beating' look Irene knew well. One she'd worn often back in the day while the coach or teacher or irritated teammate would chaste her, 'stop doing that because you keep falling over onto your face'. "No foul." A sage nod Alice's way. "Don't have to worry." A moment of silence followed, then suddenly:

"Yo Fury!" Irene's voice was a bit of a sleeper, she was the sort of girl who normally sounded saint-like until she raised her voice and suddenly ears were bleeding. Perfect dead ringer for Miss Ramsey. Actually, that might have been another reason she was a favored student. "Betcha you can't out lap me!"

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