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Trying to pick up the pace wasn't really an option for Alice, whose lungs felt like they were seizing. She was panting, gasping for breath, and her desire to stop was just barely outweighed by her desire to avoid getting an earful from Ramsay. So she kept going at a pace of light jog and let herself feel satisfied with that.

Irene wasn't helping though. Actually, she was...kinda being rude, which seemed silly to Alice. If you were going to run alongside someone, you probably shouldn't judge their pace. Then she had the nerve to start blabbering about Alice's name. Alice had her suspicions of Irene; sure you knew her name. Totally. Gotcha. And of course Alicia was just a cutesy nickname. That definitely made sense. Nicknames were always longer than regular names, right?

"Tired, yeah." Alice's response to Irene's question was curt. Irene was starting to get on Alice's nerves, which was kind of par for the course as far as she could tell. She certainly had a lot of energy, which Alice could only imagine got exhausting sometimes even if it was your thing. At least she meant well as far as Alice could judge, because if Irene was being an irritant on purpose-

The sudden shouting startled Alice, causing her to stumble, but she kept her footing. Trying not to scowl at the sudden outburst, Alice looked over at Irene. In a breathless voice, she asked, "Why did he do that?"
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