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Aaand finished. The cube was solved, the problem was solved.

Alessio looked up and saw a guy. Huh, when did he come here? Al had not noticed him.

That guy was the some kind of scarier looking Mr. T in his school. Is that what his haircut can be called? Mr. T cut? His name was something with T, as well.

He wasn't in his grade, though. But he definitely had a noticable appearance, Al thought. He noticed him since joining Cochise, at least. Well, avoiding him seemed like the best idea to Freshman Al. And Sophomore Al. And Junior Al. And other students did that as well, so he assumed that it might have not been the worst life choice.

Taking a closer look at the face, there was much metal in his face. Everywhere. Eyebrows, nose, ears and...underneath his mouth? That must've hurt. Alessio couldn't understand why anyone would do piercings anyways. He could understand why people had tattoos on their skin, they looked awesome, but piercings? They must be bothersome and might lead to nasty infections.

While continuing to stare at the piercings, he shuffled the cube again, into randomness, this time with both hands.
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