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((Lily Caldwell continued from Don't Call it a Comeback))

Lily liked the cafe. It was nice, they made decent cake and she'd never gotten a case of food poisoning from it. All the plus signs. Plus, Alvaro worked there and that was also nice, as long as it wasn't one of those times where she just needed to recharge. If it was, she'd probably risk the food poisoning at Cheryl's. But she'd spent the last weekend by herself, tinkering with this robot kit she'd found online, so she was all charged up.

She pushed the door open, in time to hear the last part of a conversation. Alvaro was there, working. He usually was. Alvaro was pretty cool. Sometimes they played chess. Though Lily didn't know enough to tell if he was good at it. She was pretty sure she wasn't. She'd tried reading up on it and hadn't understood a lot of the maneuvers.

She recognised the other girl, too. Adelaide. They'd never really spoken. Lily might have seen her at a party once or twice. Pretty. Kind of cold. That was about the extent of Lily's knowledge.

She didn't want to interrupt, so she approached quietly and stood in line. She fiddled a little with her bag strap while she peered at the menu absently, trying to give the impression that she wasn't in a hurry. It was true enough, and she wouldn't want to ruin a conversation.

Ooh, cheesecake.
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