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Everything on special for the day was sweets. Adelaide frowned. Though she enjoyed baking, having such heavy foods after a workout were not the best choice. However, she was interested in the strawberry cheesecake. She had not had that particular sweet at the café yet, and wondered if trying it would give her some ideas about making the treat herself.

"I think I'll stick with the strawberry cheesecake." Adelaide replied with her order. It was always interesting to see Alvaro working. Nearly every time she came in, he was there waiting, if not serving than taking other people's orders or talking with the man at the reception desk. Her father told her once about what happened to that man, Alejandro, but she refrained from sticking her nose into that kind of business. It was beyond her grasp having a family member with such a debilitating injury. Despite her fall, Grandmother Marie was still able to get along well enough, and that made Adelaide secretly relieved whenever she caught a glimpse of the man confined to a chair. It was probably selfish of her to think that, but then again, most people did whenever they saw someone they considered less fortunate.

But then her focus went back on Alvaro. His parents were probably proud of how much time he spent in working at the family restaurant. They probably intended for him to take over the family business one of these days. The desire for children to do exactly what their parents did before them was another thing she did not get, though Alvaro also appeared to be a hard worker. Maybe he was being forced into it.

"...You know, I always see you around here when I come. Does your family make you work everyday?" she decided to ask, seeing very few other customers around that acquired Alvaro's attention.
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