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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Ty Yazzie, Deployed.))

Bee hadn't been free for lunch today. Truth be told, he couldn't catch sight of her. He made a mental note to check in if he didn't see her sometime between classes and make sure she was alright, just in case there'd been a flare up. Until then, he figured it was best to wolf down the pinto bean, brown rice, pico and lettuce bowl he'd whipped up that morning and take a spin down to the library.

He kinda loved this place. It was quiet, and the wide array of windows made it feel bright and inviting on days like this. Big, enclosed indoor spaces usually weren't his thing, but there was something natural and comforting about the environment of the library. The spacious shelves loaded with dusty old books probably helped some, didn't seem as grim and foreboding as all the fancy libraries you see in movies and shit. He remembered one from when he was real little, Pagemaster, that always drove Atsa wild, especially when the whole library went to Hell and started chasing that poor scrawny bastard from...

Fuck, what was it called? Where the kid gets left behind, and there's that shit with the doggy door and the BB gun...

That was gonna bother him all day. Maybe he could pick at Clarice later and she'd refresh his memory. She had a head for that kinda thing, while he mostly just watched whatever Atsa picked up on. For the moment, he decided to clear his head with some light reading.

The library didn't have much in the way of literature on Taoism, but he'd been able to find one or two books with some references to its history and general synopsis. Not exactly depth reading, but fine for his itch. He was starting from square one on the whole thing, but he'd read something on the net a few nights back that made him curious to give it a spin. Something about connections between Taoism and anarchist social structure that seemed like it might be interesting to dig in to. Besides, it'd been awhile since he'd picked up anything new in the vein of spirituality, so it could be a fun distraction to occupy his thoughts until he heard from Bee, or had to head back to class.

Near the shelves that Ty wandered out of was a small row of desks, empty save for a squat guy hunched over the remains of lunch and one of those puzzle cubes. Al, if he was remembering his name right. Didn't know the guy real well, but he seemed deep in thought over his toy, so he gave him a wide berth. There was a nice little spot at the edge of the next table down for him to wipe the rest of the dust off and get to work.
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