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The door opened fully, and Alvaro could now tell who his first customer was.

Adelaide Walker was certainly someone he knew, carrying a high class status with her around school. Her family was rich, and he was thankful for that, with them being frequent customers to his café. With money to throw away, as well; the Walkers always ordered tall, basically making the Vacanti's slightly richer every time they came, which Alvaro was thankful for. He knew that not everyone shared the same opinion on her as him, though, with some people he knew attacking her attitude that she was better than them and that everyone should follow everything she said. He felt the same way, kinda, sometimes thinking she was a snob in the way she acted and carried herself.

But hey, did it matter? She was willing to tolerate him and pay for service, so he didn't mind if she did that. So long as it didn't affect him, he was fine with it.

She made her order, asking for the specials and for some iced water. He checked the blackboard on the side, and recited what was on it, but not before writing the order for water on his notepad.

"Uh... let's see." He adjusted his glasses, despite not needing to. It was just a habit for him that he picked up.

"After school specials for today are custard tarts, caramel slice and strawberry cheesecake."

He turned back to Adelaide, and noticed her flipping her braid back. He noticed her natural beauty, with her long hair, lean body, and brown eyes. He was reminded about his future, in a way, when he saw that. Vacanti's was a family business, and he had to carry on the family name. While he, personally, wasn't attracted to her, he was reminded of some of the people who he did have romantic interest in, and of Uncle Al, who kept urging him to get a girlfriend. Al was working the counter, and when Alvaro looked at him, he seemed to be focused on something on his computer.

Eh, he might as well be kind to the girl. It's what Al would be telling him to do.

"Oh, by the way, we have extra stocks, so milkshakes are 25 percent off, today."
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