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That was supposed to be a pace? If Irene had actually known Alicia there would have been cause for complaint.

"Kinda slow here, aren't we?" Irene's mouth happily ran, far faster than the two girls were running at any rate. It ran ahead of such important things as prudence and tact. Irene didn't even seem to catch how horrifically rude she'd just been. She was already moving on to the next point. Also far faster than either of the girl's legs were currently moving.

"Alicia's cuter, I think." Weird ass way to recover, but... In context. At least Irene said it with no hesitation, no blush. To the outside world it looked like she actually believed her own bullshit. She legitimately did, no less. "I mean, I totally knew that your name was Alice the whole time. Don't get me wrong. I know every name ever and ever. Got them all in here from first day one." It had to be said, whether it was casual or shit-eating, Irene had quite the nice smile. She grinned over at Alice as they continued to meander around the gymnasium. She even helpfully lagged a bit more on purpose to make it seem like she was the last place girl. Ramsey would probably be far more at ease with one of her favorite girls being in last place.

"But yeah, if you insist! Alice it is." Irene shrugged nonchalantly. With any luck the name would actually be encoded somewhere into the RAM, emphasis on the 'Random', of her brain. "So how are ya? In before 'tired'."

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